Today, more than ever, organisations, leaders and staff are challenged by constant change and uncertainty. This requires great flexibly, resilience and overall business wellbeing, to effectively deal with unpredictable local and global pressures.

Engaging qualified specialists who use psychology and work life science, to design and deliver bespoke organisational support, is the best solution to manage ongoing uncertainty. The Pinnacle team of professionals is experienced and ready to design and deliver such services to you, our business clients.

Richard Reid
Richard ReidFounder, Senior Executive Coach and Trainer
Richard’s business experience, coaching practice and therapy related expertise have enabled him to found Pinnacle as a hub of excellence for professionals who deliver psychology and work science informed services to organisational clients. A senior practitioner himself, Richard’s expertise covers work related stress, trauma and organisational wellbeing and how to build resilience, effective management skills and high performing teams. Recognised by the media as a specialist in his field, Richard has been invited to speak on such issues on Sky 1, BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio, and 5Live.
Adina Tarry
Adina TarryHead of Business Services, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Voted “Executive Coach of the year 2016 – London” by Corporate Vision Magazine, Adina is an accredited professional coach, business psychologist, organisational development consultant and visiting lecturer, with an extensive international business experience. Adina is also a published author, has presented at conferences and spoken on live BBC TV and Radio programmes on work psychology topics.
Gaëlle Tuffigo
Gaëlle TuffigoMindfulness Expert, Coach and Senior Consultant
Gaëlle is an accredited mindfulness teacher, coach, speaker and senior learning & development consultant, with extensive experience of leadership development and career management. For a decade, Gaëlle has attended over 40 retreats and taught Mindfulness to over 400 people through leading retreats, courses, workshops and classes.
Jon Howarth
Jon HowarthCommunication Skills and Personal Effectiveness Trainer
Jon has worked for over 14 years as a corporate trainer, developing management skills such as communication, assertiveness and time management, with clients across industries and business sectors. With a background in commercial management, Jon uses his business skills alongside his qualifications in counselling and therapy, to improve the effectiveness of individuals and teams across UK organisations. He is also an experienced speaker and pro bono contributor to the wider community.
Iain Dawson
Iain DawsonCoach and Mindfulness Expert
Iain’s experience of over 10 years has been gained by working with people who pursue goals set to achieve a better quality of life. He uses a deeper psychological approach by combining coaching, counselling and mindfulness techniques, to help clients overcome anxiety, stress and other negative or traumatic experiences which prevent them from achieving their full potential. Iain has a business background in advertising and an HND Diploma in business studies.
Mark Corder
Mark CorderLeadership Trainer, Mentor and Executive Coach
With a business background in senior roles and leading large teams in both operational and people development settings, in public and private sectors, Mark has used his business experience to focus on leadership. He has designed and delivered numerous developmental programs to increase management and leadership capabilities and improve overall performance in organisations across all sectors. Mark is a qualified Executive Coach and Mentor and holds diplomas in management and coaching and an MBA.