Mindfulness Expert, Coach and Senior Consultant

Gaëlle is a London-based accredited mindfulness teacher, coach, speaker and senior learning & development consultant. She holds a master’s degree in international business and strategy from the University of Paris. She earned her first Mindfulness teaching accreditation from Breathworks in 2014 and went on to become a senior corporate Mindfulness trainer and facilitator in 2015. She is also certified in delivering 1:1 and team MBTI (Myers Briggs) feedback for career management, leadership, improved communication, decision making and emotional intelligence.

Gaëlle’s background is in business, with over 15 years of experience. She has held leadership positions in the brand and communication insight industry and has worked as a leadership development expert for a major UK charity.

Her style is dynamic and offers a balance of positive challenge and support through self-reflection, intelligent questioning and practical exercises. She is passionate about helping people and teams to be at their best by uncovering unhelpful thought patterns and encouraging dialogue.

For a decade, Gaëlle has had a daily Mindfulness practice and to date has attended over 40 retreats. In the last few years, she has taught Mindfulness to over 400 people through leading retreats, courses, workshops and classes.