Heide Ziegenbein

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Heide is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Heilpraktiker specialising in anxiety and stress management. Her therapy specialisms are: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR and Mindfulness, which she offers in English and German.

After developing a strong interest in natural medicine, Heide trained as a Heilpraktiker (Health Practitioner) and successfully established her own private practice. Heide went on to study Clinical Hypnotherapy at the LCCH, which is associated with the University of West London, and graduated with a PgDiploma.

She works with clients with a range of issues from stopping smoking and weight control to dealing with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, various emotional issues or limiting beliefs. She also helps people with traumatic or unprocessed experiences integrate their memories into their lives in a healthy way.

Heide has a particular interest in the treatment of performance anxiety, a condition many musicians, actors, athletes or students in exam situations suffer from. It also affects people in their professional lives, for instance when giving a presentation or leading a meeting.

Furthermore, Heide has experience in management and supervision of a dynamic international team with various backgrounds. Working in a team that constantly has to face a high level of stress and pressure it is essential to bring stress and anxiety related issues to awareness and offer advice and support in order to ensure wellbeing at work and a healthy environment.