Leah Wallach, Ph.D.
Leah Wallach, Ph.D.Clinical psychologist

Some of Leah’s highlights

Dr. Leah Wallach is an American born and trained clinical psychologist. She has lived in the UK for almost 15 years and works part time for the NHS. Leah is committed to collaborating with clients over 18 to help them work through psychological, behavioural and emotional problems, build emotional resilience and enhance their wellbeing and health.

She has studied basic psychological science and trained in several therapeutic approaches. She offers clients the opportunity to:

  • reflect, question and explore within in a safe, non-judgemental and open relationship
  • investigate psychological, interpersonal, social and physiological factors which maintain their problems
  • develop an individualised treatment plan that makes sense to them and incorporates science based procedures
Leah’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to anxiety and anxiety disorders, depression, post traumatic stress, psychological trauma, problems with relationships and sense of self, bipolar disorder, adjustment disorders, stress management.
Chartered Scientist
British Psychological Society 040238

Clinical Psychologist, Practitioner Psychologist
Health Professional Council, registration No. PYL21995

Statement of Equivalence for registration by the British Psychological Society
Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the UK 040238

License to practice as a Psychologist in the State of New York
University of the State of New York, Board of Regents, Education Department

Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Psychology
State University of New York at Buffalo, Child Clinical Psychology and Law Program

Masters of Arts, Psychology
State University of New York at Buffalo

EMDR Training
Completed advanced training