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  • Anxiety FAQ
  • What are the common symptoms of social anxiety disorder?

    Some of the most common symptoms of social anxiety disorder include avoidance of situations, leaving situations early, or perhaps using alcohol to overcome uncomfortable feelings.

  • What is anxiety? (1)

    Anxiety is a natural response the body has to uncomfortable situations. It's on that continuum that we often talk about when we think about the idea of "Fight or Flight". The body gears up to maximise our response to those situations. And so often the brain gets confused because it's millions of years old, and so it equates everyday social situations to being some sort of physical...

  • What is anxiety? (2)

    All of us experience anxiety in some form or another at one point in our life. It's a natural, physical and emotional response to situations. However, it's important that that is contained. And for many of us, we experience anxiety for long periods of time on a repetitive basis. When that happens, it starts to have long-term emotional and physical effects upon us. And that's the time when we need to seek support and professional help.

  • When is social anxiety a problem?

    Most of us will experience some degree of social anxiety from time to time, particularly when we're meeting new people or going into uncomfortable situations. But the question to ask yourself is, to what extent does that hold you back in terms of living a full life. If you're finding that you're increasingly going out less and less, making excuses or leaving situations early. Then maybe it's time to do something about it.