The world is a busy place. With the information age, everything is speeding up; the Internet, emails, texts, and even social media, demand quick reactions and responses. We are expected to be more efficient than ever before and these increasing demands can take their toll on our everyday life.


The accelerated pace of modern life can affect even the most relaxed individuals. No matter how in control we feel, or how organised we are, the pressures of work, and life, can creep up on us.


Feeling the pressure?

Experiencing some anxiety every now and again is perfectly normal because it helps us to perform at our best. A bit of adrenaline before giving a presentation, or taking a driving test, is only natural and gives the boost needed to get through it. When anxiety becomes a hindrance, rather than a help, it is time to take action.


Anxiety can manifest in many different ways, such as phobias, panic attacks and changes in behaviour. You may not recognise this change in yourself, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms. If they become frequent or overwhelming, then control is required.


The first step? 

The first way to take the control you need is to begin to understand what you can and cannot influence. If there is something that is outside of your influence, it is important to understand that and make the necessary allowances.


As an example, it’s common for brides to get anxious about it raining on their wedding day. Realistically, she has no power to change the weather, so getting anxious about it; to the point that it ruins the lead up to the wedding and the day itself won’t help anyone, least of all the bride.

Similarly, we cannot always influence other people’s behaviours or thoughts; so it is not worth trying to.


So understanding that there are lots of areas of our lives that are simply out of our control is a very necessary step.

This can take a lot of practice, as if it’s not our natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving then it can feel a little alien at first. But with perseverance it can alleviate a lot of unnecessary pressure, worry and anxiety.


If you are worried that you are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety, the first and biggest step is to talk to someone. There is no need to face it alone, with confidential and discreet advice; you’ll be able to take positive steps towards addressing your worries.