An engaged and committed workforce is key to the success of every organisation.


It is inevitable that increasingly busy and stressful personal lives will, at some point, have an effect on an employee’s work commitments. If they are experiencing a challenging time in their life, they may take time off, or they may struggle to concentrate on the job at hand.


Either way, performance in the workplace can suffer as the result.


Dealing with an employee who is facing a personal problem can be a huge challenge

Providing your employees with some form of assistance, to help them deal with the problem they are experiencing outside of the workplace, will ensure that they are more resilient and empowered to perform at their best.


By taking a proactive approach and offering the right kind of support, you will be able to re-engage them. If your employees know that you are supportive of them in their time of need, they are more likely to feel valued and cared for, which will increase their productivity and improve their attendance.


Employee support can come in many different forms. The following case study explains the proactive approach that Pinnacle can take to help improve absenteeism.


In this particular company, absenteeism was at over five per cent, and the employer was feeling the impact on their productivity and bottom line. Of their 2000-strong workforce, 80% were manual workers covered by trade union agreements.


We advised an audit so we could identify the underlying causes and trends of absenteeism. We were asked to complete the audit and feedback our findings to the company directors. We were asked to complete a recommendations report and then asked to implement our three recommendations.


Key trigger points were identified to support department managers to be proactive with staff to provide additional training or conduct interviews. All recommendations were agreed by the trade unions.


Over a period of two years, absenteeism in the organisation dropped from five per cent to three per cent. This was the target set by the client and the industry standard. The client, who is not named due to the highly confidential nature of our work, said:


“The model was so successful, it became a substantial part of the company’s initiative to tackle absenteeism.”


If you would like to find how we could support your company, please do get in touch.