For those who saw Celebrity Love Island, it was painful to watch as 27 year old Atomic Kitten’s blonde bombshell Liz McClarnon competed with fellow celebrities Lady Isabella Hervey and Rebecca Loos in competitive weigh ins.

According to Liz, she was not short of self confidence but the competitive weigh ins left her feeling humiliated and self conscious. Liz told Now Magazine:

"I was uncomfortable the whole time and hunched my shoulders to hide my body.  When I got home and saw the pictures, I knew I had to do something. It wasn’t just my weight that bothered me, but my lack of confidence. I didn’t want to be that hunched, shy girl."

Liz turned to her mum, a qualified hypnotherapist, for help and to stop her old junk food addiction.  Before the hypnosis, Liz said she used to eat lots of chocolate and around four packets of crisps each day. She said that after just the one hypnotherapy session, her food habits started to change and it was easy to do so. The hypnotherapy helped her to lose more than one stone and she has now dropped from a size 12 to a svelte size 8 figure. Hypnotherapy can really help with weight loss as it can help you to change old habits.