In Iran, obstetricians have recently performed the country’s second ever caesarean section operation using hypnotherapy instead of anaesthesia. Obstetrician, Roya Khodai, said:

“The patient was subjected to hypnotherapy upon entering the operation room and was ready to have the C-section after 30 minutes.”

Khodai said the c-section took around 30 minutes and the baby was born without any notable complication. She also added the mother’s vitals were controlled throughout the surgery, although an anaesthesiologist was available in case of any unexpected issues. The only complication reported apparently was a small amount of blood loss that was brought under control immediately, and both mum and baby are in good health.

Khodai also commented that hypnosis is considered effective as an alternative to anaesthesia for patients in minor surgery – caesarean sections are classed as a major operation – and is ideal to overcome complications relating to the use of anaesthesia.

Hypnotherapy is being used more frequently in operations, and is also successful in helping people to overcome emotional and physical problems such as quitting smoking, weight loss, phobias, and many more.  Many women are turning to hypnosis for a natural, pain free labour without medication.