Hypnotherapy can do and help an awful lot of things, but directly improving your finances is not one of them. However, it can improve your finances indirectly.

How much money you earn and the way your finances are organised depends on things such as:

  • how you approach money and feel or behave towards money
  • how you feel about yourself, your self-image and how you deal with your self-image or try to improve it
  • your ability to motivate yourself in order to learn new skills, try new things and develop beliefs
  • your level of self-confidence
  • the amount of control and self-belief you have and how you believe this affects your lif.

Each of these affects the others and the most important one is the final point. How much control you believe you have over your life will directly impact on what you do and your finances and hypnosis can be used to help you develop your self-belief and self-perception. For example, clients have improved their self-belief and used this to gain more job interviews and opportunities than they had ever done, or believed they could do, in the past.  Their self-confidence has shone and they have been able to share this with others.