After an amazing 18 years of eating only chicken nuggets and chips, student Carla Laban has a healthy diet at least, thanks to hypnosis. When Carla was two, chicken nuggets were the only good that did not make Carla throw up violently. From that point on, Carla would skip breakfast every day and have nuggets for both dinner and lunch. This meant she was eating around 30 nuggets daily, at an average cost of £5 per day. Thanks to hypnotherapy, Carla is now starting to eat pasta and vegetables. Carla said:

“I can remember having chicken nuggets and chips for the first and thinking, ‘I can eat this without being sick.  Before that, I couldn’t eat anything without having a panic attack and my throat tightening up. I couldn’t even stand the smell of other food.  I used to get ill quite a lot. While classmates would have a cold for a week, I’d have one for four.  People thought I was being fussy. They didn’t understand that I physically couldn’t eat anything else.”

Despite exercise to combat the unhealthy diet, Carla was still ill.  When Coventry-based Carla was preparing for university her family arranged for her to see a hypnotherapist to wean her off the chicken nuggets. Thanks to hypnosis, she now eats more varieties of food and is still improving.  The hypnotherapist started by helping Carla to make a small shift from nuggets to chicken goujons.  Next, she moved to chicken pizza and slowly onto other food types. All sorts of phobias can be cured with hypnotherapy, including food phobias, however, each person is different.