As predicted in earlier articles, it appears that the credit crunch has indeed led to a general increase in levels of anxiety and depression. According to recent reports, the NHS is expected to search for psychotherapists able to help those feeling adversely affected by the current economic climate.  Thanks to the credit crunch and consequent recession, many people are losing their jobs or struggling to cope with rising debts and in many cases, this can result in feelings of depression or anxiety. Permanent secretary Hugh Taylor from the Department of Health told the Sunday People newspaper:

“A long downturn would have some impact on mental health associated with unemployment and particularly debt.  We are already making investment in psychological therapies and increasing the number of therapists.”

Reportedly, the government is expected to invest around £173 million to ensure that all hospitals have access to psychotherapy by 2011. Psychotherapists are able to counsel people at any stage of their lives.  In some cases, it helps just to talk about issues and to gain a new perspective on problems.  With modern life, psychotherapy is becoming increasingly popular.