Not all parents may be aware, but it is incredibly common for a child to inherit their parents’ phobia as mum or dad unwittingly passes on their anxiety and fear of one thing or another.  It is not uncommon to hear somebody say that their parent is also afraid of the same thing but this fear is not genetically passed on as some may mistakenly believe, but rather this generational fear is passed on because the parent shows it to their child in their earlier years. Even if a fear is just a fear, and not the more serious phobia that can affect your daily life, it can grow to affect your child’s life in a much more serious way, so if you really cannot hide your fear completely, then perhaps you should consider tackling your fear before it affects your child.

One of the best, and fastest, ways of tackling a fear or phobia is by using hypnosis.  Hypnosis in a therapeutic sense is called hypnotherapy and is nothing to be afraid of.  Hypnotherapy is delivered by a professional, qualifed hypnotherapist and can usually rid a person of a fear, even a lifetime phobia, in just one or two sessions.