This morning Richard Reid, Clinical Director of Pinnacle, discussed Stress at Work on BBC Radio West Midlands.

This centred largely around teachers; as this is an occupation that has noted mental health strains.
Why? Due to the teacher’s role going way beyond teaching, to lesson planning, marking, admin and much more.
This takes teachers well into 50-60 hours plus per week; against an average office job week of 35-45 hours.

Richard says;
“Anecdotally, I can tell you that I often hear teachers telling me that to do well in their roles, and even to be considered for promotion, then extra curricular activities and involvement in wider school projects is a necessity. So this adds even more pressure.

Whether a teacher, a shop assistant, a director, the fact remains: untreated stress can lead to physical symptoms.
In a milder form, perhaps panic attacks. In a more severe form, heart disease and stroke.

Stress is real, despite being (initially) an unseen illness.

That’s why, at Pinnacle, we work with businesses to put proactive measures in place to stop stress in the first place; or at the very minimum, to nip symptoms in the bud early on.”

For those that listened, we hope you found it informative, and please do get in touch if you need us.