Some clients may be surprised when a hypnotherapist asks how they are paying for their hypnotherapy session, but money is an interesting topic when it comes to motivation for hypnosis.

In earlier articles, regular readers may have noted that we often talk about how the hypnotherapist is only a guide and the real work for hypnosis is done by the client themselves. Because of this, it is important that clients really do want to resolve their issue; so motivation is therefore key.

In terms of money, if you consider two separate clients who have come to a hypnotherapist to help them quit smoking: one saved their money for the smoking cessation session and another was given the money by their parents. From this simple example, who do you think would have the greater chance of success from the session?

For psychological reasons, the chances are that the client who saved money for the treatment probably has the better chance of success.  Self-paying clients generally are more motivated and want the results more. A hypnotherapist wants the results for their client too, and it is not in their interest to take your money if the hypnosis is unlikely to be effective so, usually, if a client who is not paying for their own hypnotherapy comes for treatment, the therapist will ask additional questions to find out whether they really want hypnotherapy.