The origin of a fear of dentists (or dental phobia) often lies in a person’s childhood or, at least, in a past experience. Occasionally, the fear has been inherited from a parent, as is often the case with phobias. Sometimes, it may even have been caused by an unhelpful comment from a dental nurse or dentist during a dental procedure. Many people associate a visit to the dentist with a feeling of vulnerability or a loss of control, however, often they can conquer these fears with the knowledge that advances in modern technology make their fear unjustified; the vision of healthy teeth and gums is compelling.

Hypnosis can be of great benefit in cases such as these. Nobody is born with a natural fear of dentists; they have learned this fear and reaction. This means it can be unlearned and we can re-program our reaction in just one or two sessions of hypnotherapy. Although sufferers of this phobia, like many other phobia sufferers, already know in their own mind that their fear is mainly irrational and unnecessary, they are not empowered to conquer this fear. This is where hypnosis can help to rid the person of their fear forever.