Research has shown that a fear of dentists is surprisingly common.  In fact, a survey conducted by the British Dental Association showed that approximately 25 per cent of the British population has a fear of dental procedures or the dentist. Sometimes, just the mention of a dentist, the sign of a dental practice or even just a simple advertisement for toothpaste is enough to give a person a feeling of anxiety. It is therefore not surprising that these people avoid the dentist so much that their oral health is suffering and they are desperately in need of a dentist.  Often, a person will put up with much discomfort and real pain rather than visit the dentist, as their fear and reaction is so great they would rather struggle on.

When they come to a hypnotherapist, it is often as a last resort, because they have no alternative than to visit a dentist. Hypnotherapy can cure this dental fear in just one or two sessions – and completely release someone from their phobia.

A fear of dentists is a common condition, encountered by many hypnotherapists. Either a dentist or a doctor can refer someone to a hypnotherapist, so that they can have the dental treatment they need without their usual feelings of panic, anxiety or palpitations at the thought of, or when visiting, the dentist.