Sixty-eight year old Maureen Foster from Tamworth, Staffordshire was featured in the Tamworth Herald earlier this week as a result of her losing weight with hypnosis. Maureen has lost over four stone in weight and reduced her dress size from a size 22 to a size 12 using the process of hypnotherapy. Maureen told the newspaper:

“I’ve tried all the different diets and I’ve lost weight every time, but I’ve always put it back on. This is the only one that I’ve kept the weight off – it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life.  I was a size 22, I had been as low as a 14 before, but I’d never been able to maintain it – now I’m a size 12.  I’ve always struggled with my weight, all my life. But now it just feels normal.”

Maureen had tried every diet in the past but, thanks to hypnotherapy, she has lost weight and hasn’t eaten a chocolate or biscuit since and has found that she no longer wants them. In this case, Maureen was lucky to find that a hypnotherapy CD worked but in many cases these aren’t always perfect because they are made to suit a broad range of people.  When you see a hypnotherapist for weight loss, they can tailor the session to suit you perfectly so sometimes even if you tried a hypnosis CD and it didn’t work, seeing a hypnotherapist has a much higher success rate, often in just one or two sessions.