In an earlier article, we discussed how hypnotherapy can be used to help those who wish to improve their performance in the gym, on the field in their chosen area of sport or even in the workplace. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can get from practising hypnosis, either with a hypnotherapist or, after a few sessions, with your own self hypnosis techniques:

  • relaxation:  this is the first point that many people make when they have had their first hypnosis session, how relaxing they found it and how nice they felt afterwards.  Hypnosis is a very relaxing feeling, however, it doesn’t end there.  When it comes to the area of sport, an athlete will have nerves.  These feelings of nerves can be good to a certain point but they can work against you.
  • visualisation: perhaps surprisingly, visualising yourself achieving your goal, working harder or better and getting what you want makes a big difference between an average and better-than-average performance in any area.  By picturing something, you are making that image more powerful and life-like and hypnosis can intensify this image much more than we can in our conscious mind alone.
  • improving performance: the one we all want.  It has been shown that hypnosis can help control pain and most athletes are familiar with getting in the zone and that sports performance is as much about mental willpower as it is about the physical aspect.  Our best performances happen when our mind and body are in sync and hypnosis can help with that.