Earlier this month, The Sun newspaper wrote about the importance of children when parents are having personal relationship troubles. At times like these, children can be scarred, not only in terms of their memories as they get older but they can also carry these problems into adulthood.  It can damage them and help prevent them from forming proper relationships with other family members, friends and even from finding the right sort of relationship with partners in the future.

When you are experiencing personal problems, you often feel low in confidence, tired – both physically and emotionally, and the last thing you might feel you can cope with is the additional pressure of coping with your children’s needs.  However, how you handle your children now can affect the rest of their lives.

There are many ways that counselling or mediation can help, even with just a few simple and straightforward tips:

  • Do not pretend that nothing is wrong.  Tell them that you are not getting on but be sure to emphasise that it is you both love them (so long as that is true).
  • Re-iterate constantly that it is not their fault.
  • Ask how they feel.
  • Tell the school what is going on.
  • Do not blame your partner.

Family or partner counselling or mediation is not there necessarily to try to keep a failed relationship going, but it can also help you negotiate your way through the hurt to make necessary arrangements for dealing with your children and helping them through it too.