Many people have become much more interested in the idea of using hypnotherapy for weight loss after the media and hype surrounding Lily Allen’s recent weight loss using a hypnotherapist. The singer dropped two dress sizes and said that thanks to hypnotherapy she had found all the motivation she needed to get to the gym, enjoy her workouts and avoid the foods that had previously been her downfall. So can hypnosis really work to help people lose weight and how?

Hypnosis works in many instances for weight loss because losing weight is not just about stopping eating.  Many who suffer from being overweight are overeating for emotional reasons.  For example, many eat because they feel stressed, have low self-esteem or use it as a coping mechanism.  Hypnotherapists help people to replace these negative thoughts and negative cycles with healthier ones, which help us to make healthier food choices.  New, positive processes are established that reinforce feeling good about oneself, such as going to the gym or coping in other ways – taking a long bath or reading a good book. In this way, people lose weight not because the hypnosis did anything to them physically, but it stopped the emotional need to overeat.