Every pregnant woman wants a comfortable birth, swift recovery and a healthy baby – and many consider hypno-birthing. Here are the main ways that hypno-birthing can help with childbirth:

  • relaxation – hypnotherapy will help the woman to relax and this gives greater bloodflow to the womb which helps birth.
  • overcome fear – pregnant women hear a lot of horror stories about what can happen and this can cause increasing anxiety.  Fear can really change a birth as it causes tension, restricts blood flow and hence increases pain; so hypnosis can help a woman to stop being so fearful and have a more natural birth.
  • relaxes the baby – if mum is relaxed so is baby; on the other side of the coin, a tense mother releases adrenalin and hormones into her blood stream which distresses the baby – and, if the baby is distressed, medical staff are more likely to intervene.
  • postnatal recovery – if mum is relaxed and blood flow is increased, then the blood flow will help tissue recovery and give a good milk supply; stress is known to restrict milk production so a mother who has had hypnotherapy has a headstart.

Hypno-birthing is becoming more popular with women having weekly sessions leading up to the birth.