In recent months, the media has been discussing the state of British hospitals and in particular the maternity ward.  One study suggested the UK maternity service is worse than that in eastern Europe. Indeed, the number of caesareans has doubled in the last couple of years with intervention rates around 28 per cent.  The normal rate, according to the World Health Organisation, should be 10 to 15 per cent.

We are short of around 3,000 midwives and 600-800 obstetricians according to the Royal College of Midwives.  Almost 10 per cent of first time mums don’t get the chance of NHS antenatal classes and some areas do not even offer them now. Is it any wonder that pregnancy worris many women?

With hypno-birthing, a woman attends an informal course that teaches different aspects of birth, including the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.  The mum-to-be learns how to relax and stay in control and many women find birth a pleasant experience with little or no need for medical intervention.