Despite the way hypnosis is often portrayed in the media, on films and television, hypnotherapy is a real tool to help people overcome real issues in everyday life – issues such as weight loss, overcoming phobias and quitting bad habits like smoking and nail biting.

Hypnotherapy is also particularly useful for healing. In no way is it suggested that hypnotherapy should be used instead of conventional medicine and treatments, but it is a valuable alternative treatment that can work alongside conventional medicine. And it is now available on the NHS.

Hypnotherapy can be used to overcome emotional problems and mental blocks. It is often said that laughter is the best medicine and that being stressed does not help anybody. Using hypnosis simply as a relaxation and visualisation tool helps to relieve stress and that can allow conventional medicine and treatment to work twice as effectively.

Contrary to popular opinion, people do experience the feeling of hypnosis; they don’t black out or forget everything that was said. It is relaxing and helps the unconscious part of a person to work in coordination with the conscious part and stop us battling with ourselves. In this way, hypnosis allows the healing process to take place.