In their career, a hypnotherapist will come across all sorts of fears. One that may sound rather strange but is actually a known phobia is genuphobia – otherwise known as a fear of knees. This fear has actually been highlighted in the media recently.

An article in the Mirror featured a lady who had suffered from this fear most of her life and first recalled it bothering her in her teens. Over the years, her genuphobis got worse and worse, as many phobias do for many people, until it started to affect her daily life.  She could not kneel down or go swimming and had lost many friends as a result.

Hypnosis is incredibly good at dealing with phobias, often in as few as just a couple of sessions even if a phobia has bothered a person for years.

The lady in the Mirror’s article acknowledged that her auntie also suffered from the same fear of knees and it is likely that her own fear had been picked up from her relative. Many fears that we suffer as adults have been picked up from our parents, close relatives or friends, or just from a simple experience of our own that perhaps we do not even consciously remember. With hypnosis, it is not necessary to discover the reason or founding for the phobia or fear although it is often uncovered during the session.