Since a visit to the Eiffel Tower at the age of 22, Labour MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey Derek Wyatt discovered he had a fear of heights that made him feel sick and, ever since, he has tried to avoid being more than about 10 feet high. This fear stopped MP Wyatt from going up ladders, using open lifts or even driving up narrow roads when abroad in France or Italy.  Not only that but Mr Wyatt loved to ski and had to cover his eyes when being taken up the side of snowy hills and mountains. When the opportunity for a Christmas skiing trip in Canada came up, the now 59 year old MP decided he had had enough and made an appointment to see a hypnotherapist. He told Kent news:

“If you’ve got children who want to be taken skiing, it’s not much fun if you can’t join in or have lunch with them at the top.”

The hypnotherapist initially booked Mr Wyatt in for four separate hypnosis sessions, each of which would last around 90 minutes. However, after one session of hypnotherapy he told Mr Wyatt he was cured. When it came to the skiing trip, Mr Wyatt went on the largest ski lift in the world and did not feel even a wobble.  He was delighted with the hypnotherapy and went on to add:

“I had hoped the hypnotherapy would work, but at my age I’d try anything to get over my fear. I was delighted when it did.  I know people who have been helped to quit smoking and all sorts of other things, so I’d certainly recommend it.”