This weekend, the Times told the story of one boy’s experience with bedwetting and how it was cured using hypnotherapy. The boy, aged nine, grew up with a normal background but was still wetting the bed at the age of seven. The problem was causing him embarrassment and making him withdrawn, at school and socially, as happens with many young children.

Using hypnosis, the boy was cured within three months after years of suffering and many different treatments.

Bedwetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is very common in children, especially in boys under seven years old. Children are particularly receptive to hypnotherapy because they are still used to using their imaginations. To them, guided imagery can be a little like storytime. 

When looking for a hypnotherapist, be sure to use someone who has experience of working with children. Most hypnotherapists offer a free initial consultation for you to assess whether you and your child feel comfortable with the hypnotherapist, and for you to ask questions about the process and its suitability for your child.