A local newspaper in Huddersfield, reported this week that hypnotherapy cured a compulsive gambler of his addiction, against all the odds. Gambler Tony Mays, aged 38, has quit his gambling habits and sold his Village Bakery business in Marsden, to move to France for a new life with his wife Zoe.  Mr Mays said it took just three hypnotherapy sessions to cure him completely.  After the third session, he said:

“I knew instantly that I would never bet again.  I couldn’t even bring myself to buy a lottery ticket”.

Mr Mays said he started gambling, at the age of 13, in the arcades whilst living in Blackpool.  He continued:

“I’d probably known since the age of 20 that I had a problem, which I tried to hide. It wasn’t the money that was a problem -“ I didn’t get into debt or put my career or business at risk – “ it was the amount of time it took up.  I felt guilty that Zoe was always waiting around for me and I felt tired all the time.  I must have spent around 30 hours a week in the bookies. It was compulsive to go every day.”

When his mother died from cancer one year ago, Mr Mays decided to change. During his three hynotherapy sessions Mr Mays also learned to self-hypnotise and claims it has also helped him to get fit and lose weight.

“Over a year on, my former gambling colleagues still can’t believe the change. When we went back to Blackpool I had absolutely no desire to gamble, I just wanted to tell all the lads playing the machines to get treatment”.