Around one in six couples seeks help to conceive. Just because they haven’t conceived doesn’t mean they can’t conceive, but the more frustrated the couple feel the more difficult it can be. There are many medical reasons why a couple cannot conceive but, if medical reasons have been ruled out, then hypnotherapy is an option.

Hypnotherapy for unexplained infertility is a very popular and successful treatment in the USA. It works by focussing on the emotional aspects of trying to become pregnant, being pregnant or becoming a parent, and helps the couple deal with the stress the problem causes.

The underlying essence of it is about helping the mind to influence the body. Although we don’t yet fully understand our mind- body connection, most of us have come to accept the concept and understand how powerful it can be. Our bodies are influenced by our emotions, thoughts, even our beliefs.  Emotions can affect the hormones, which control ovulation and therefore pregnancy. So, if you have trouble conceiving and can’t find out why, hypnotherapy is a potential solution.