Mark Owen, of Take That stardom, is having hypnotherapy, to help him quit smoking, as he is desperate to give up his smoking habit before his second child is born. Mark, aged 36, has smoked since his teenage years but now wants to stop smoking for his two year old son Elwood and his unborn child with his fiancé Emma Ferguson. After 20 years of smoking, Mark has found it very difficult to give up.  Mark said:

“I was on 15 a day, more when I was working.  The first two days were the hardest [but] I keep getting angry and snapping for no reason.  I keep eating too, anything, just so I can put something in my mouth.”

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to give up smoking as it can help you at a subconscious level. Many stars have turned to hypnosis for help with phobias, weight loss and to quit their smoking habits.  For the change to work, you must really want it and sometimes a life-changing event such as the birth of a new child can give you the incentive you need.