The magazines and media have been full of celebrity gossip about Lily Allen this week as the singer has been showing off her new figure. Lily Allen has returned from her New Year trip to the US looking slimmer than ever, having reportedly dropped two full dress sizes using the latest trend in America – to use hypnotherapy for weight loss. The media has named this the"hypno-diet".

Susan Hepburn, a Harley Street hypnotist, said, "It’s very big in LA and New York and it’s becoming increasingly popular in London.  During sessions, I taught Lily to favour healthy, low-fat meals instead of junk food.  And to see that alcohol isn’t a confidence booster, it’s just extra calories that sabotage your efforts to get a good body".

Using hypnotherapy for weight loss is not new.  However, giving it a media-friendly name like ‘hypno-dieting’ and seeing celebrities such as Lily Allen, Geri Halliwell and Sophie Dahl promoting the benefits does bring it into the public eye, showing how people can manage their weight without developing eating disorders.