Earlier this month, country music star Adam Harvey had his fans on the edge of their seats during his Australian tour. He and his support act, Catherine Britt, performed an unforgettable show in Melbourne, leaving everybody wanting more. Harvey took the centre stage, entertaining his audience from the moment he started singing, with the whole theatre singing and dancing along with him. Both singers joined together to perform the finale songs, ending the show on a high.

Afterwards, in an interview with the Star newspaper, many were surprised to hear that Harvey had, for many years, suffered from nerves which reached an unbearable peak when he started supporting artists like Gina Jeffreys and Kasey Chambers about 10 years ago. Harvey decided to go for hypnotherapy and said that, since then, he has not suffered from nerves at all. Harvey said:

“I enjoy being close to the audience. For a performer, it’s a relaxing feeling.  I ended up having hypnotherapy and ever since then, I’ve never felt nervous.”

Since then, Harvey has gone on to become a six time Golden Guitar winner and nerves have not been a problem.