A new mediation service has been offered in the town of Bury to help solve problems with neighbourhood feuds. This mediation service has been set up by the local council’s anti social behaviour team, The Whitefield office of Contour Homes and the Irwell Valley Housing Association – to help those neighbours who are no longer speaking due to a fall out or disagreement.

Ann Walton from Contour Homes commented: “This scheme is quite unique because it is bringing together housing experts from different organisations. All parties are ‘loaning’ their experts free of charge in order to provide an impartial service to people living in Bury.  Essentially the service is for neighbours who have fallen out and are at the stage where they can no longer talk to each other. Our trained mediators will work with all parties to find a solution that is agreeable to everyone”.

As with all mediation services, it will be impartial.  Whatever happens during mediation is not reported or noted to any other individual or organisation; it is strictly confidential. For any mediation to work, all parties must agree to take part.  Mediation has proved successful in business matters and families as well as neighbour issues.  It is a much cheaper and quicker resolution than taking any legal action.