Stress can affect an individual in a number ways, both physically and mentally. As humans, the way in which it manifests itself will be different from person to person.

Tackling stress is important, so that it doesn’t snowball into a much larger issue; where even greater physical consequences occur.

These 9 tips are proven approaches to tackle the overwhelming feelings that stress brings along with it.

1. Identify the cause of your stress

By breaking down your big stress bucket into a few smaller buckets, you can compartmentalise the elements that are causing you to feel stressed, so you can tackle them one by one. You may even find that reframed in this way, they do not need to be part of your stress at all.

2. Control the entries into your ‘stress bucket’

Try to avoid creating additional and unnecessary stress. Learn to say ‘no’, and limit the time you spend with people that enhance the stress feelings within you.

3. Get a bit of exercise

This can help relieve some of the intense emotions, and free up a little head space for thinking your problems through in a calm and controlled way.

4. Share your thoughts

Don’t be afraid to use your support network. Talk to them about your feelings. It’s often very helpful when you get someone else’s view, and this will help you to find some solutions that may not be obvious to you right now.

5. Have some fun

Spend some time with friends, and put your stress to the side for a spell. Some laughter can be a wonderful medicine.

6. Set some goals

Take control by creating a list of things that you need to do, along with when you need to do them by. Be realistic and prioritise. Not everything can be done at once, and you may want to place them into sections of what is urgent, and what is not.

7. Avoid unhealthy choices

Try not to reach for alcohol, cigarettes or high levels of caffeine. These will hinder your progress and are unhelpful in taking positive steps forward.

8. Take time out for positive thinking

Spend some time thinking about, or even writing down, what is going well in life, and the things you are grateful for. This helps you to practice positivity.

9. Know your limits

Understand the stressors that you may not be able to have an impact on, and let them go. Some things will simply be outside of your circle of influence.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you with stress, or any stress related symptoms, please do get in touch.