Many business people recognise stress as their top complaint.  But they do not necessarily realise how much stress can contribute to health problems until it is too late. 

Although stress starts at work, it affects home life and other areas quite quickly. For example, it can interrupt normal sleeping patterns, cause weight loss or gain, and cause a lack of concentration. This can cause issues at home for the person’s partner, children, family and friends.

Hypnotherapy is often used to relieve stress and many companies have seen success by incorporating hypnotherapy into their employees’ routines and corporate benefits. Hypnosis helps, not just by relieving the stress but also by teaching the patient’s mind how to deal with stress.

The physical problems we feel from stress are caused by a reaction in our mind. Sometimes a patient will have no conscious or concrete idea of why they are stressed. So the hypnotherapist can work with them on an unconscious level to help discover the reasons and how best to deal with them. It is not only a case of learning how to deal with new stress but also how to release the old stress of the past. Hypnotherapy can help people to do that.