A common problem with surgery is the pain we feel afterwards. Recovering from surgery can be painful and take some time. Other side effects could include infection or bleeding.

A hypnotherapy study was published in the Anesthesa & Analgesia journal in 2002 to determine if hypnotherapy could play a role in handling the side effects from surgery.  It talked about how past research had only focused on the pain element but this study looked at how the hypnotherapy was given and whether it could help with other side effects.  It involved researchers analysing results from 20 studies, all of which were controlled and all of which used hypnosis with patients having surgery.  It concluded that hypnotherapy was very effective at treating post-surgery side effects and, from all the 20 studies, those who received hypnosis had a better outcome after surgery than 89 per cent of those in the control group that did not have hypnotherapy.

The study concluded that hypnotherapy is beneficial when it comes to helping people deal with post-surgical side effects and their healing and the researchers involved in the study were said to

“strongly support the use of hypnosis with surgical patients”.