Psoriasis is a stress-related problem. For many people it means red, scaly skin that can bleed easily. This skin condition is often found in the knee, elbows, back and trunk areas of the body and the toe and fingernails are often prone to pitting. It can affect almost anyone. The cause is unknown but it is thought that genetics do play a role; sufferers of arthritis are also often prone to getting it.

The problem varies wildly in its severity from one person to another and, in very rare cases, can be life threatening if huge areas of skin are open to infection. For some sufferers, other factors aside from stress are known to make the condition worse such as injury, cold weather and a low immune system. Where stress is a large factor, regular hypnotherapy can reduce the stress levels. Hypnotherapists will also often teach self-hypnosis so the patient can practice regularly at home for themselves.