Under a new government plan, many people across the UK are to receive help to cope with the effects of the recession through psychotherapy and counselling.  A new advice centre linked through doctors surgeries, NHS centres and the job centre is to refer people to qualified psychotherapists for help and treatment.

This move reportedly comes from the government’s fear that many people will become mentally ill and therefore long term unemployable from too much worry and stress and therefore psychologically affected by the recession, putting a huge cost at the feet of the credit crunch.

Many people become depressed and anxious when they lose their job, and a new job is often the answer to this.  However, the depression and anxiety itself can become a barrier to finding new employment.

At a time when two million people are out of work, psychotherapy could be the answer to helping people stay afloat and find their feet.  Around six million adults are estimated to be suffering from depression or anxiety in the UK. Talking therapies, such as psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), are methods that encourage people to look at the solutions to their issues rather than examining the causes of the problems.