It has arrived, the 2009 National No Smoking Day, the day on which hundreds of thousands of people across the UK will pledge to quit smoking for at least one day – and, for some, it’s the day after the last cigarette of their lives.

According to the New Scientist, hypnotherapy has the highest success rate of any method to quit smoking, which is quite a claim. Using hypnosis, a hypnotherapist can help a person to:

  • stop feeling the desire to have a cigarette;
  • stop their physical body from craving nicotine;
  • have a feeling of being in complete control.

They say that it takes just a few weeks to change a habit but, using hypnosis, many people stop smoking in as few as one session.  In times of recession such as these that will save a person a lot of money as the price of cigarettes continues to rise.

It is not as easy as reading the information on how smoking affects your health or watching the adverts broadcast by the government because, to stop smoking, a person has to really want to quit smoking.  Hypnotherapy works because if a person does want to stop, the hypnotherapist helps that person to make sure that their unconscious self agrees with their conscious being.  We’ve all had that feeling where we don’t want to do something but somehow just cannot help ourselves and this is when our conscious and unconscious selves are not in sync.  Using hypnosis, we can make sure this inner conflict does not happen and that is why it can feel so easy to give up smoking after hypnotherapy.