The benefit of hypnotherapy in sport is outstanding and includes helping athletes to stay calm, maintain focus, get rid of distractions in their minds, improve their mental stamina and increase their motivation. Here are just a few sports celebrities who have used hypnotherapy to help their career:

Tiger Woods has used hypnotherapy regularly and was introduced to it at just 13 years old.  He has said:

“We worked on a way to visualize the target and pull it back into my hands and body and let my subconscious react. That’s what’s best for me. It is inherent in what I do now.”

WBC heavyweight champion Frank Bruno has used hypnosis to perform at his peak.

In 1996, Steve Collins defeated WBO Super Middleweight title champion Chris Eubank, which he said was due to using hypnotherapy in his mental preparation work.  He said he had worked on his mental attitude to programme himself to throw two punches to every one punch from his opponent and statistics from the fight show around 300 punches from Eubank versus more than 600 from Collins.

If you want to be at the top of your game, whether sports or business, hypnotherapy can help you get the results you want, making you a winner.