People suffering from a fear or phobia will usually go to extreme lengths to avoid it. While it may seem irrational to some, to the individual it can have a huge impact on their lives. It can be debilitating, embarrassing and lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.


A phobia need not be overwhelming

Many clients suffering from phobias have sought help from Pinnacle.  Here are some details about their phobia and the therapy used.


Hypnotherapy helped a fear of needles

A client with a long-standing fear of blood and needles needed to have regular blood tests when she became pregnant. Her phobia caused her to faint at the sight of blood so something had to be done.


Pinnacle suggested several hypnotherapy sessions would help. After four sessions, the client was able to have the blood tests she required without any adverse effect. The client was so pleased with the outcome that she later returned for further help in physically and mentally preparing herself for the birth of her child.


A new-found confidence

A course of hypnotherapy was also successful for a client struggling with their bird phobia. It had been a big problem for them, for most of their life, and it was getting worse. Once the treatment was finished the fear was replaced with feelings of calm and confidence.


The client said: “I would urge anyone who’s suffering from a phobia which affects your life to get this sort of treatment, I’m so grateful to Richard for giving me the chance to get rid of my fear, and for my new found confidence.”


Blended treatments

Phobias are entirely treatable and often treatments are blended together to ensure the best success.


As mentioned above, hypnotherapy, which is a form of psychotherapy, can be a particularly effective. It is used to create subconscious change in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings.


Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy can also be extremely effective in the treatment of phobias because it helps people who have experienced trauma.


Curing a fear of flying

A client with a fear of flying achieved great results, taking to the skies just five days after their last session. A course of hypnotherapy helped to identify and unlock trauma that continued to present itself at the most painful times, causing immense turmoil and suffering.


This client was convinced that the EMDR process created immense healing and clarity for them, and helped to achieve the health and wellness that they had been seeking for years.


Take the step to remove your fears and make a huge improvement in your life.

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