Mediation is being used today in all sorts of cases and hit the headlines recently as a judge referred a case involving Tim Allen to mediation. The lawsuit alleges that 55 year old actor Mr Allen stole the idea for Wild Hogs, the successful 2007 comedy movie that also starred John Travolta, William H Macy, Martin Lawrence and Ray Liotta.  Mr Allen is being sued by Battle One Productions Inc. who claim the idea was actually pitched to Tim Allen’s personal assistant back in 2002.  The productions company is claiming over $25,000 in damages.  Mr Allen’s defence claim that not only is this untrue but the company waited too long to lodge a complaint. It is expected that the matter should be brought to a close using the mediation process where a neutral third party will liase with both parties. This case is just another example of how mediation can be used to find mutually agreeable resolutions for two or more parties without the lengthy process and expensive matter of going through a court battle.  It is not just about business or politics but can be used in small court cases, family or divorce matters and even to resolve neighbourhood disputes as we have seen in recent articles.