Everyone is aware of using hypnosis to help them quit smoking, increase confidence, release their fears or lose weight. If you think about all these different effects, they are all changes to your life. Ultimately, you need motivation to make a change or you wouldn’t change.

However, even with motivation, even with wanting to change, change is not easy.

Hypnotherapy helps with motivating you to change – from the inside, really motivating your unconscious self so that it is easy to make that change. You may need motivation for other changes, so think of all the things hypnosis can help with simply by focussing on your motivation for the task in hand. You might need motivation to set up your own business or to work on a particular task at work. Hypnosis will focus your mind and help you to concentrate.

You can only work on one change at a time – to help your unconscious mind to absorb the changes you need.

Hypnosis helps remove those littles voices in your head that stop you from achieving your goal. Voices saying things like "you don’t deserve it", "you’re not good enough", "you have no time" and more – you will know which unhelpful phrases you hear yourself say to yourself.

Don’t let a lack of motivation stop you getting or doing what you want in life.