As regular readers will know, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool using hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. But many people still associate hypnotherapy with stopping smoking and curing fears and that is it.

Hypnotherapy can be used for so many different things that the list is almost endless and hypnotherapists are finding new uses for it all the time.  It can be used for almost any problem or situation where the body and the mind both come into play. Here are just a few of the issues that hypnotherapy has been used to help:

  • sports – improving performance, anxiety, coaching, overcoming concentration problem, increasing focus, motivation;
  • business – stress management, assertiveness, motivation and direction, problem solving and communication, public speaking, confidence;
  • education – increasing concentration and focus, improving memory, exam nerves, study techniques;
  • personal – increasing confidence or self-esteem, curing phobias and fears (whether of spiders, flying, heights, thunderstorms), anxiety and depression, insomnia, habits, addictions and other unwanted behaviour (nail biting, bedwetting, smoking, alcohol, drugs), sexual or relationship issues, eating disorders, shyness and blushing, pain management;
  • health – chronic pain, hypno-birthing, IBS, snoring, dermatitis, asthma, nausea from pregnancy or chemotherapy.

Hypnotherapy promotes better health, well being and better life.  For years, it was helped thousands of people in their every day lives.