Many people feel nervous at the thought of going into a hypnotic trance, probably because of the hype it gets in the media and on television. Much of it is exaggerated. So how does it feel to go into a trance?

Trance is something we all experience regularly, perhaps daily: you go into a trance whenever you focus your attention solely on one thing or one feeling, for some time.  Examples of when you may experience a trance include:

  • being absorbed in reading a good book or watching a great film – the phrase "getting lost in a book" says it all; it demonstrates when we are in trance
  • being immersed in exercise – again, we have a phrase to demonstrate this trance; we describe it as being "in the zone".
  • daydreaming – we can experience vivid images and feelings; this is a form of trance.

These are just a few of the normal, every day, things we do whilst experiencing a trance-like state. As you can see, being in a trance is not some mystical dreamy state of mind; it is influenced by what you are focusing on. Being in a trance is a really nice feeling and having a hypnotherapist to guide you into one is no different. A hypnotherapist will help ensure you feel safe and relaxed when you are in a trance.