Though many people worry that this question seems silly, it is a very common question from people considering treatments such as psychotherapy. If you were to speak to a counsellor, a psychotherapist or a hypnotherapist, they would all tell you that they often see people who do not know what the problem is.

A client might be a little depressed, upset or under the weather and be unable to pinpoint what is troubling them. But they know they are not happy with their life. A good therapist will be able to ask you questions, or use relaxation techniques such as hypnotherapy, to help you find the specifics yourself. If you are still concerned, try asking yourself the following questions before you visit a therapist for your first session:

  • if you were briefly to describe your life, how would you describe it?
  • how do these feelings affect your life and in particular, your home / work / social life?
  • what thoughts stay with you?  Occasionally, small niggles stay with us throughout our life and hold us back, preventing us from meeting our true potential.
  • how long have you felt like this? Do you remember when it started and what was happening in your life at that time?
  • what are you proud of in your life and what makes you feel good? This question is important as it is necessary to remember the positive aspects as well  the negative.

By thinking about these questions first, it might help you and your therapist find the root of your issue more quickly – and give you something to start with. Whether you would prefer psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, CBT or any other treatment might depend on your preference – or you can seek advice on which would be best for you.