Star of BBC’s What Not To Wear programme, Lisa Butcher, started writing a new column in The Sun from July.  In the column, Lisa talks about how she used cognitive hypnotherapy to help to boost her confidence when she first started working in front of the camera. Lisa said:

“When I started work on What Not To Wear at the BBC, the clothes I wore were important, but that was not enough to give me the confidence I needed. I discovered a solution in cognitive hypnotherapy/ neuro-linguistic programming… I went to two sessions and that was enough to build up my strengths and deal with my anxieties.”

Hypnotherapy is generally acknowledged as being more effective when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy.  As Lisa discovered, it is very effective and results can be achieved in very few sessions. Hypnotherapy is ideal for use with anxiety, confidence, stress or relaxation issues, insomnia, and many fears and phobias.  As we have talked about in our earlier articles, many hypnotherapists offer a free consultation to give clients the opportunity to ask any questions they may have prior to a session.