The sales statistics of a start-up electronics business were dipping and so was the confidence of the director of the small business. Several factors were involved, including the pressures of running a new business and of needing to grow and perform in line with financial goals – with a new team.

Our proactive approach

We worked on counselling the director through the stress triggers and worked on stress management techniques. After the sessions were successful, we moved on to provide coaching sessions to build the director’s confidence, working on her professional skills and personal strengths.

Working at peak performance

Just eighteen months later, the business grew from 10 to over 30 staff – with profits soaring from approximately £1 million to over £8 million.

By sorting out the stress and shifting the primary focus to my strengths, the impacts on the productivity and growth of the business have been exceptional.

Our work is highly confidential and we are bound by professional ethics, so we can only use first names or the relevant business sector.

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