Mental Health First Aid

The core areas this course covers

Common mental health issues 100%
Signs and symptoms 100%
The Dos and Don’ts 100%
Seeking professional help 100%
Mental health recovery 100%
Young people 100%

Course duration

1 day

A further half-day course is available to learn more about young children’s mental health; however, the first day must be completed initially to get a rounded understanding of this subject.

The 5 big learnings for delegates

There is an additional module available that tackles topics around young people’s mental health ad wellbeing, with a strong practical focus on how to support young people experiencing mental distress. It gives a deeper understanding of the complex issues of younger people and children.

Who is best suited to this course?

Who are responsible for the health and wellbeing of their full workforce.
Who need to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of their team; to aid performance and results for the business.
To ensure children or loved ones, no matter their age, are provided with the right support should mental illness arise or become a negative impact on life.
To able to support colleagues and students when required.
Especially those that are the first to respond to traumatic events.
To ensure those going through life changing transitions or events are well cared for. This can apply to care homes, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, welfare centres, palliative care centres and more.


This course can be delivered at your work premises, or for individuals wishing to attend this course, there is an open course available, which is based in Richmond.

Follow on course recommendations

  • Mental Health First Aid – for the young
  • Combatting and Controlling Stress

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