Workshops and seminars

A healthy, happy and motivated workforce will perform at their peak.

Our innovative workshops and seminars, led by psychology experts, help to strengthen individual mindsets, meet diverse needs and ensure lasting results – enabling you to meet stretching targets and be a market leader.


Our workshops aim to increase mental sharpness and resilience – from reducing stress and absenteeism, to enhancing employee engagement, leadership skills and team working. And, with our integrated tracking tools, you can be sure you’ll remain on the right path.


Lunchtime seminars are a great way to get a flavour for our workshops. Over the course of an hour, we’ll provide a sample of the core skills and techniques we teach – and you’ll discover how a healthy mindset is the key to enhanced performance. We can also provide speaking services for your events, from team meetings to staff conferences.

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Grounded in neuroscience

At Pinnacle, we appreciate how the brain works. Information in short-term memory lasts for about 15 to 30 seconds, after which the neurochemical memory trace quickly fades. We use techniques to help you retain information longer, enhance brain effectiveness and achieve behavioural change.